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Stephen Gross

Born in NYC, early achiever, worked ski ball on the Boardwalk, Department Store Exec, mind-altering exposure to terrific music, incomparable art, endless rivers of opinions, points of view, the World of Drugs. Morphed in SF in the late 60’s,, U.S.P.O. graveyard shift, Human Be-ins, Diggers & Panhandle, Haight Clinic Vol, incarceration, exoneration, rapture and exhilaration leading to immigration to the West County. Photos, Gloria, pooches, chickens, goats and geese, a paradisical ‘ crate’ on the river, moonlit meadows, sea breezes, trips to Europe, Alaska, Santa Fe, NYC, work as a photojournalist – jazz fests, local media, sundry publications. Massaged ego, skinny wallet. Alan Freed, the Apollo, realized dream with “The Mystery Train” , my air-conditioned spa with room for everyone. I write  satire, diatribes, soliloquys, shaggy doggerel, nasty critiques,  take pictures, indulge my fantasies , and enjoy hanging with Li’l Boots, my adopted canid. I volunteer at the Library,the W.C.H.C., Clean River Alliance, KGGV.LP 95.1 FM (Tuesdays 8-10 p.m.), pick up other folks’ garbage,  and I write for me and media.
Breathing eating remaining ambulatory and conscious reading writing taking pix shmoozing traveling hugging pooches warmth stimulation relaxation rapture passion logic science and  the creatures I love. moonlit meadows, sea breezes, rapture and exhilaration.

Been conductingting the Mystery Train for more than ten years.

Stephen Gross,