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Mystery Train

Mystery Train

Scheduled on:
Tuesday 8:00 pm 10:15 pm

12512323_10205340692108916_538868777790190495_n8-10 pm Tuesdays with Stephen Gross.

The Mystery Train is climate controlled, has big vista dome windows and  the dusky countryside becomes magically illuminated while you enjoy an endless buffet lof childhood dreams and adolescent fantasies.
Kick back and explore a landscape awash in the most artfully crafted sounds in the Cosmos.
 Always fresh, home- grown, toxin-free, non-mainstream and packed with honesty and passion.
We’re  low in saturated fats, high in infatuated cats
Spicy, salty, low-sodium, and fully satisfying.
Free foot rubs, hypoallergenic,  sanitized for your protection and always clothing optional.
You’ll awake the next morning feeling younger with a smile on your face.
Free back and foot rubs, hypoallergenic,  sanitized for your protection and always clothing optional.
Born in NYC, Washington Heights, early achiever, sold roach killer door to door, worked Boardwalk ski ball parlors and other joints, Department Store Exec, mind-altering exposure to variety of terrific music, incomparable art, endless rivers of opinions, points of view, ‘revolutionary’ people, the World of Drugs, brain overload,
Morphed in SF in the late 60’s,, U.S.P.O. graveyard shift, Human Be-ins, Diggers & Panhandle, Haight Clinic Volunteer, then brief incarceration, soon exoneration followed by rapture and exhilaration and a new incarnation leading to  immigration to the West County.
Photography,  pooches, chickens, goats and geese,, a paradisiacal ‘packing crate’ on the river, moonlit meadows, sea breezes, trips to Europe, Alaska, Santa Fe, NYC, work as a photojournalist — The Paper, Russian River Weekly, Santa Rosa Press Democrat – photographed  jazz fests, local media, national media, publications with which you’re possibly familiar. Massaged the ego, didn’t fatten the wallet. After grade-school exposure to The Apollo, Alan Freed and WNJR, realized dream of having a forum for my own personal taste in music.
Now “The Mystery Train” – “Low in Saturated Fats – High in infatuated Cats”i s like my personal, air-conditioned, vista domed luxury train-cum-spa-to-die-for and there’s  room for everyone.
As long as you smell clean, be considerate, good-humored, and have excellent taste (or taste excellent) – or else you just won’t fit in. Feel free to be Opinionated!
3+ years at KOWS.FM in Occidental  and seven years at KGGV.FM 95.1 in Guerneville, Tuesdays now,  8 p.m.  to 10 p.m. (or 11pm) ( streaming on the Web!).
 I still write – satire, memoirs,  diatribes,  soliloquys, short stories, shaggy doggerel, nasty critiques, take pictures, indulge whatever fantasies I can, had a loving and trusting relationship with Gloria, and was daily warmed and nurtured by Vinny Schwartz (the BIG poodle) and Chloe (the 10 pound Alpha Bitch Poodle). Currently, Li’l Boots (half poodle, half wolverine) fills my heart, lightens my spirit, gets me out of the sack and breathing!


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